Monday, December 13, 2010

Part III ~ The Gingerbread House Saga: Scrapped or Baked?

Ok, we left off at whether the poor thin, mumbled, jumbled dough laying on the pans would make it to the oven or not?

To BAKE or NOT BAKE, that is the question???

Well, I made it this far by golly, and look at around at my poor kitchen, everything covered in flour because dang it that dough is just so sticky, so flour, and more flour, and then even more flour to try and sacrifice it, SO... the conclusion is....

(drum roll please)......

Bake it!!!

So,  after everyone had settled down about the gingerbread (no more husband mumbling, kids asleep) I bake it, the pieces all come out all different in consistency, some perfect (ok, well maybe just one piece), some semi-puffy, and some really puffy (wow what happend to that kind of reaction in the oven!!) It could not have been my rolling of the dough :0) I plead the 5th!!!

Sorry, no pic of the glorious pieces coming out of the oven (again, I only have but so many hands!)

Then, you ready for this, it is intermission time... now that it is baked, I am actually getting semi-excited about putting it together... but not so fast Nelly, HOLD YOUR HORSES...

the gingerbread has to cool over night to harden!!!

Do what?!!! Who ever heard of such, you usually just pull it out of the box and slap it together, done in an hour flat!!! (oh, yeah I forgot, it has probably sat in a warehouse somewhere since last year, plenty of time to harden, ah the miracle of perservatives and whatever other stuff I can't pronounce that they put in those boxed kits)

So, my excitement is let down a little ~ SIGH~ so, I breathe in, must be patient, and wait overnight

then the next night this happens...
Royal Icing ~ mortar for the house

And this,

Trying to make the house not so drafty!

Also, note that peaches, kidney beans, and tomato sauce really help in the making of Gingerbread Houses!!
So, now that we are in to day two of making gingerbread the real question is will this drafty house make it? I am not having second thoughts at this stage, it is on the verge of tears because of all the time and sweat that has went in to this gingerbread man's house is hinging upon the mortar that has to fill those huge gaps!! (Remember the part about how some of the pieces came out perfect (one) and some semi-puffy, and some really puffy "wow what happend to that kind of reaction in the oven!" well this is where that all comes back to HAUNT YOU!!! )

So, once again, I am that stage of patience, Do what now you tell me that the icing has to sit OVERNIGHT to work its mortar magic to see if it is going to hold my gingerbread dough walls together or not!!!!?!!!! Ugh, I won't digress to the whole "sat in a warehouse" ordeal again, but you know what I am thinking...

So, are you feeling my pins and needles, nail biting, hair twirling, fidgeting moments I was having as I spent DAYS during this Gingerbread House saga waiting...

Probably not, but anyways stay tune to see if the Gingerbread House stays together, if my mortar was really made out of it what it says it was, or not, and if I have to let the kiddos down easy and say we are breaking out the Gingerbread warehouse kit!!!

Say it "ain't" so! (sorry, I am southern and will use improper grammar when it comes to the word "ain't")

Until next time!


  1. As a mother of two girls, I enjoy you blog.

  2. To R. Nesselrodt: Thanks! Stay tuned.

    To Glona: Glad you enjoy this blog, from Mom to Mom, hope you continue to follow and share! Thanks!

  3. Good Job Lynn !!That's too pretty to eat !

  4. Jordndanielle: Thanks you are too kind! Hope you enjoy the blog!