Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread House ~ the real kind, like where real gingerbread men live ~ from scratch

Ok, it is that time of year where Gingerbread house kits start popping up everywhere, at mung-o-mart, shop-o-ramas, and get-it-all-greens, so I can't resist them, but don't want to buy it either, so I decide to go all natural this year ~ yep, you heard me~ ALL NATURAL! FROM SCRATCH... (du..du.. du...)

No second thoughts (at first). I am pumped. So, I hit the cookbooks, the internet, in search of the "Oh, so perfect gingerbread house recipe" (*Please note, there is a difference in gingerbread cookies, gingerbread, and gingerbread house recipes, much, much difference in consistency between the three, I may have to earmark that for a later post!)

So, as the saga continues, I find some comparable recipes, look at them side by side, as my husband keeps mumbling about how he made a gingerbread house from scratch in middle school, how hard could this be? why such intense decisions about gingerbread? So, I continue to contemplate, and choose one primarily based on not having to triple the recipe and not use so much molasses because DANG IT I just don't have that much molasses in my cupboards! (yes, I said cupboards, I am old fashioned and from the south!) 

So, recipe in hand, ingredients out

Here I go!!!! The saga begins... More to come folks, so stay tuned!!! Will the gingerbread house succeed or just crumble??? (du...du...du...)

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