Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Gingerbread House Finale!

To hold or not to hold, that is the question???

Well, as the gingerbread house saga continues I am woke up by husband (who gets up insanely early) at 3:45 to this "Did you go check on your gingerbread last night?"

Geez thanks, because now I am in a panic, thinking "What?!What?! Oh, no I am such a bad gingerbread momma, you mean I was supposed to check on it during the night, OH, NO, I didn't check on my baby during the night!"

 This must mean it is in shambles.

Nope, this is just my husband, because then he follows up after a long pause with, "...Because the kitchen light was on" and I know he is secretly thinking ("and I know I didn't leave the kitchen light on all night, no way, not me")

Ok, sorry, I will return to the saga at hand, so now that I am over that I run like it is Christmas morning to see if IT made it or not and this is what I found...

Ta da! It stayed together, must say impressive mortar to hold that gap!! It must have been the kidney beans and peaches!

And so, that led to this...

Can you see the excitement in her eyes!

See I told you those extra hands would appear as soon as the candy was brought out!

And so, at this point it is time for an arsenal of candy (leftover Halloween candy, traditional christmas candy, and lots of great sprinkles)

Still, have to use, would make great lightbulbs on a Christmas tree!!! (to come in the future!)

And so after, decorating, and eating, and decorating, and eating some more we have this....


Every gingerbread house needs a mailbox to send Santa a letter, I was informed of this by my 3 year old so there you go!!! (hence the mailbox)

Note the stained glass window, lights up beautifully at night!

So, Thanks for following my gingerbread house saga, hope you enjoyed!!! I will follow up with the recipe I used and some tips if this has inspired you to make your own or dang it, at least go buy the warehouse kit!!! and Enjoy the spirit of the Gingerbread house!

Please share pics if you do make your own Gingerbread house (from scratch or not!)  Would love to see!


  1. That's my girl....looks like she is ready to put the candy on the house or in her tummy !!!!

  2. Glad you got your gingerbread house finished. It looks good.

  3. Glona: Thanks! I was actually ready to make more when it was all said and done. It was an adventure!