About Sprinkles of Flavor

If you are here then you are wanting to know more about me...

Well, you really should be back looking through all my fun recipes!!

But if you insist...

A little bit about Sprinkles of Flavor Creator:

I am not a professionally trained cook but a self taught one, who obsessessively cooks!

And thinks about food all the time!!!

I am a southern (United States) gal! I was taught a lot about cooking from my family, both my mom and dad, both spent time in the kitchen cooking. I grew up eating at least one meal a day around the table together as a family and I still continue this in my family.

You should know I love my Joy of Cooking cookbooks, especially my vintage 1943 edition.

I love to bake and secretly wish I could decorate like a professional. I also dream of having my own confections shop and/or reaching the mass public in some way with food.

I am also a talker, a communicator, a trained speech-language pathologist (SLP) so I am now putting my Master's degree to good use communicating my love of food. (Yeah, well not the best use of my degree but I had to make a connection somewhere!) I love my job as an SLP but I am now focusing on being a stay at home mom, who cooks a lot!

I believe that besides communication, food is one of those universal essential things to everyone. (Oddly enough two reasons I became a Speech-Language Pathologist, to help people who have difficulty with communicating and swallowing!)

Food brings people together.

I just love food period!

You should know I really do love to eat... I eat most anything and on my first date with my husband I ate 10 slices of pizza *sigh* and I weighed less than 100 lbs!!! Call it nerves, call it a little girl stuffing her face, call it whatever...If I really tried I might still be able to eat 10 slices, but I am not pushing my luck these days!

A little bit about Sprinkles of Flavor:

So, if you love food then you are in the right place so go back and look through all my adventures and recipes.

Wherever this great blog adventure takes me I am ready!!! 

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