Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 Food Adventures~ A tour of my road trips via food!

My 2010 Food Adventures!

In 2010 I was very blessed, I got to spend my first entire year home being a stay-at-home mom!

We were blessed to get to go lots of fun places, with good friends, and eat lots of good places, here are a few of those adventures in recap:
(note bleu cheese bread pudding, BBQ, Jack Daniels and bread pudding, monster burgers, and to die for cupcakes to name just a few!)

*Nashville, TN: One of my favorite cities.

-Neely's BBQ! A must stop next time you are in Nashville!
-South Street Original Crab Shack: went for oysters but was by far impressed with the amazing bread pudding!!! New Orleans Bread pudding with Jack Daniels sauce (again if you have been reading my blog you know I have a thing for Jack Daniels cooked in with some sugar and goodness!, so get to reading if you didn't already know this!)

*Clemson, SC: Always great food at the Blue Heron Restaraunt and Sushi with great friends!!! and I am now hooked on Clemson Blue Cheese!
Some funky, chunky, but in a good way! Darn those tiger engineers!
*Atlanta, GA: First visit to The Varsity! What'll ya have, what'll ya have, what'll ya have!!  A frosted orange for me please!!!

*Then road trip from VA to Michigan!!: Too much to mention, but, a few highlights were,

-Frankenmuth:   Bronner's Christmas World, the world's largest Christmas store! Oh, my! (which was both my husband's and my thoughts only with different tones!! I think his was more sarcastic, and mine was filled more with joy! )
and I obviously won that one!

-The Thurman Cafe: If you haven't seen Man vs. Food well, you have been living in a cave or don't watch tv, so just click on over or drive to Columbus, OH and check them out!!!  

What else can I say the pic speaks for itself!

-Bakery Gingham:  This started my obsession with cupcakes, while I know cupcakes have been the hot trend, I really wasn't that interested until I left the Thurman Cafe and walked next door into this place and had one, or two, or more!!! :0) Seriously, this started it!!! I had to start visiting other cupcake places after this and let me say I have been disappointed ever since. I will not name places to the not so good list, but I was truly disappointed in most other places.

Bakery Gingham takes the cake, and yes, pun intended! I got home and was so missing them that I begged them to please mail me some at any cost and they refused my offer, they unfortunately do not ship at this time. So, you best be hitting the road!! (please take me along if you go, or at least eat 1/2 dozen for me!!)

*Savannah, GA: Once again, too much to mention, but love the city. I will note Cafe Gelatohh.  There are many great places to eat in Savannah and this was my first time there so I am not the go to person on Savannah, but loved Cafe Gelatohh and B&D Burgers.

*Tybee Island:  Well, I was truly on vacation on this one because no great pics of food, but loved:
-Sundae Cafe:  all around great food, Pan-Fried Pecan Chicken and bleu cheese bread pudding, there is nothing more to say! (I really wish I had a pic of the bleu cheese bread pudding to drool over every now and then!)

-Burton's By the Beach:  the go to place for fast, fun, great food!!! and great people! American, Cuban, Spanish, Mexican influenced cuisine!!! Delish!!!

There was this at the Crabshack, a unique eatery:

and 2010 cannot be summed up without including

*Disney Cruise on the Wonder, October 2010: a fun time with great friends I consider family, whether they claim me or not. While it is a cruise line, with the obvious, cruise line food, because they have to cook for the masses, I still felt it was very good and very special, note this pic of a cruise ship in chocolate for one special little lady!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday! (wow, what a 3rd Birthday, I was there and I am still amazed!)
and anybody who can play with their food and make it fun wins points in my book! Very magical!

Ok, well, now that I have officially made the longest post ever... way too long!!

Happy Baking in the New Year,
Lynn aka Loco Cocoa

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  1. Lynn! This post was too cute!! I love that you are addicted to blue cheese now! I think it may actually be one of the reasons I didn't make it as a vegan.

  2. Will Run for Health: Thanks!! and Thanks for getting me addicted to Clemson Blue Cheese!!