Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reindeer Treats ~ Taking Care of Santa's Team

Most everybody remembers to leave Santa out some treats because the big guy brings the presents, but you have to remember who helps him get those presents here...

The reindeer!

So, this year we made reindeer treats to help refuel them. Although I am sure all those years I never made reindeer treats Santa probably shared some of his cookies and other treats people leave for him with the reindeer, but ya know it just isn't right for Santa to have to share his food.

So, my daughter says she found the recipe for reindeer food, "right here" she says,
As I am looking at the acknowledgements page of my Savannah Style Junior League cookbook!!! ha! ha! I will not tell her any different either, if that is the reindeer treat recipe then so it is a reindeer treat recipe!

At this point my girls are pumped up hearing about how we leave the reindeer treats on the sidewalk on Christmas Eve then on Christmas morning we will wake up and see if they enjoyed their treats or not.

Plus, I am sure the part about how we add lots of sprinkles to the reindeer food was really the kicker for them.

So, with oats and sprinkles in hand we went to work!

Sprinkles, sprinkles, sprinkles everywhere!

Now for the mad stirring!

Sorry, this pic is blurry but still had to add because you can just see the excitement in my youngest daughters eyes, "ha ha now I have the sprinkles!!!"

So, with treats made for all it is time to settle down and start enjoying the company of family, good food, and good will and celebrate the holiday season in true spirit!

And oh, yeah, don't forget to check and be sure the reindeer ate their food. ;0) (this is more of a mental note for me!!!)

Happy Holidays and Baking,

Lynn aka Loco Cocoa


  1. I just saw some posts about reindeer treats this year and thought it was such an adorable idea! Definitely something for me to remember someday when we have kids :)

  2. Glad you like! and Yes, you must remember the reindeer, especially when you have kids! :0)