Friday, March 11, 2011

First Ever Sharing Sprinkles of Suggestions Saturday

I am so excited to be extending my Sprinkles of Suggestions to a link party.

I primarily feature food and recipes on my blog but love getting ideas from others, especially in the crafty area and the best way for me to do that is through link parties.

So I would love to see what everyone is doing and have you share them here on Sprinkles of Flavors' Sharing Sprinkles of Suggestions Saturdays.

So, please link up something that you would suggest to your closest friends:
  • food/recipe
  • craft
  • diy/remodel/upcycle
  • great tip for family, home, healthy living
Share your great suggestions!

I wanted to share my St. Patrick's Day mantel because my inspiration for this mantel all came from visiting other link parties and checking out what you all had to share/suggest!

That's the great thing about link parties!

I found this great free Lucky printable for the middle of my mantle @ Reasons to Skip the Housework and I used glue and glitter to make the Lucky shine, then added a ribbon, and framed it


this great tutorial on how to make a rag garland over @ One Prim Chick to make
my St. Patty's garland

I am really in love with this and will carry it on to other seasons and occassions. Look out easter I already have my pastel fabric.

and then the other free lucky shamrock printable @ Madigan Made and framed it and put it between my two daughters' newborn pics. I thought this was really appropriate and love how it turned out.

I added my shamrock plant I have had forever and got at my local grocery store.

and also, included a frame of 7 four leaf clovers that I found in our yard the first year we moved in our current house!!

Now that I have shared my Sprinkles of Suggestions let's move on to yours...

RULES for Sharing Sprinkles of Suggestions:
  • Link up directly to your post that is something crafty, food related, home related: remodel/decor, scrapbooking, etc.
  • No link to a business, etsy shop, selling of product or other link party
  • Keep it family oriented
  • By linking up your are agreeing to allow me to feature you on Sprinkles of Flavor, of course with credit being given to your blog and work
  • I would also like to suggest you visit others and add a link to one other blog you love, I like to think of it as Sprinkles of Suggestions tag! In this process you could just be tagged as well and get more exposure as well
  • Grab my button or put a text link back to Sprinkles of Flavor
leave a comment letting me know you are here

All this being said...
Tag your next!


  1. How fun is it to see one of my prints on your mantle!? Love it.
    In fact, I love this mantle and will be sharing a link on my FB page tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for sharing your print madigan at madiganmade!!!

  3. Hi Lynn! Where are you? It has been more than a week since your last post. I hope all is well...

  4. Hi Lynn!
    Your wonderful blog inspires me...and though you haven't posted in the past three weeks, I want to pass these awards to you!
    You are one blogger who’s so worthy of these awards!
    Hope to see you back soon! :)

  5. Thank you Tina!!!

    I am going to get back on the saddle again soon!!!

  6. Hello. I found your blog while browsing. I love your yummy chocolates recipe. I am your newest follower. I hope you could come and check out my blog.

  7. Hi there!! I can’t say enough about your adorable blog! Just wanted to pop in and remind you I followed you through the blog hops about a month ago, wondering if you’d mind returning the favor? Thanks so much and have a great day!

  8. Hi Lynn! Dropping by to greet you Happy Mother's Day!
    I'm sure it will be another awesome celebration for you!


  9. Thanks Tina! You are the best!!! Lynn@ Sprinkles of Flavor!