Thursday, June 9, 2011

Out on Vacation!

Well, Here it is June already!

and I haven't posted since March!


I have a lot of great supporters and followers and love this blog but I feel like I have been on vacation since March,

So, I just wanted to give an update to say "hello!"

and thanks for following, still, obviously if you are reading this!

I plan on still sharing some sprinkles of flavor because like I said I love this blog, I love food, I love to cook,

which I am still doing

but this blog really is just me sharing my love of food and cooking... sprinkles of flavor... that I enjoy

so, you should know that my timing of not blogging slowing down blogging coincides with warmer weather, and it is only getting hotter!

Which for me means living life outside!


I enjoy every second of living it up outside!

So, I will just say I think I am in a hiatus, hibernation, or vacation.

However you want to look at it.

So it may be fall and winter before I share more sprinkles of flavor!

If it is before then, we will consider it a treat!

So thanks for hanging in there with me!

Until winter next time,

Happy Cooking/Grilling!

Now go and enjoy some sunshine, beach, mountains, water, something outside!

Friday, March 11, 2011

First Ever Sharing Sprinkles of Suggestions Saturday

I am so excited to be extending my Sprinkles of Suggestions to a link party.

I primarily feature food and recipes on my blog but love getting ideas from others, especially in the crafty area and the best way for me to do that is through link parties.

So I would love to see what everyone is doing and have you share them here on Sprinkles of Flavors' Sharing Sprinkles of Suggestions Saturdays.

So, please link up something that you would suggest to your closest friends:
  • food/recipe
  • craft
  • diy/remodel/upcycle
  • great tip for family, home, healthy living
Share your great suggestions!

I wanted to share my St. Patrick's Day mantel because my inspiration for this mantel all came from visiting other link parties and checking out what you all had to share/suggest!

That's the great thing about link parties!

I found this great free Lucky printable for the middle of my mantle @ Reasons to Skip the Housework and I used glue and glitter to make the Lucky shine, then added a ribbon, and framed it


this great tutorial on how to make a rag garland over @ One Prim Chick to make
my St. Patty's garland

I am really in love with this and will carry it on to other seasons and occassions. Look out easter I already have my pastel fabric.

and then the other free lucky shamrock printable @ Madigan Made and framed it and put it between my two daughters' newborn pics. I thought this was really appropriate and love how it turned out.

I added my shamrock plant I have had forever and got at my local grocery store.

and also, included a frame of 7 four leaf clovers that I found in our yard the first year we moved in our current house!!

Now that I have shared my Sprinkles of Suggestions let's move on to yours...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quintuple Chocolate Brownies

I must warn you this is not my usual recipe share post.

I could not go without sharing this delicious treat from Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home to Yours though.

I loved it so much because you see...

I must confess I am was never a brownie person.

I love my sweets, don't get me wrong.

I have a huge sweet tooth, I can't go without out eating something sweet everyday,

There was about 7-8 mo., when I was pregnant with my first daughter for some reason I wasn't wanting any sweets but that passed, quickly, so much for the second go round,
Yes, that is me with my hubby VERY, very, preggo!

but I am not complaining!

Give me cake, cookies, cupcake, pie, plain ol' Chocolate, whatever I'll take it!

Brownies I will used to be able to say "No" to,

But that has all changed thanks to Dorie Greenspan and these


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Asparagus Roll Ups

I have been in the mood for spring lately.

Thankfully our February this year was not like last year, completely covered in snow all month!

And March hasn't been too bad except the *SURPRISE* snow we had this Sunday!

But I will move on and not talk about that too much. I don't want to mention the four letter s word too much because I hope it doesn't pop up again too many more times at all until December!

So, I have been buying a lot of asparagus lately.

I don't know why but it has become my go to veggie.

One of my 2011 food goals is to cook more veggies so that the whole house eats more veggies!
(Well, so that the people who live in the house eat more veggies, ya know what I mean!)

I must admit I have somewhat been slacking in this area,
from my posts you can tell I have a sweet tooth
and so most of my kitchen time is spent baking!!

Thus the veggies get left behind

enter the asparagus
easy, fast to cook up
they become green fries!!!

But I also must admit there seem to be very limited asparagus recipes out there
and I didn't want the family to get tired of my go to veggie
so I was having to whip something else out of there with my green fries

So, who doesn't love cheese on fries!!!
Plus I have secretly been wanting to make something with my favorite dressing...

Clemson Blue Cheese, THE BEST BLUE CHEESE!

Thanks to some great friends in South Carolina for sending this to us!
(In a Clemson cooler and all! Go TIGERS!)

And with children if you make it into a wrap with bread and regular cheese
 (for my little bread lovin' kiddos)
it is even better because it instantly becomes a finger food

So, ENTER the asaparagus roll ups...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Double Caramel Butter Cupcakes

Thanks to friends for being great inspiration!

Oh, I love it when friends give me ideas for desserts.

This is one of those.

I don't think I would have ever put this combo together, but a friend was talking about one of her favorites from a bakery where she just moved from, a butter cupcake with caramel icing!

Hmmmm... Never had one!

So, what's a girl to do when she has a friend in need (craving some goodies), plus it is her birthday, and add in "I have never had that!"

Make your own!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lemon & Cherry Squares


I feel like I am constantly playing the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, only a kitchen version though, with flavors or ingredients, no Kevin Bacon involved, maybe bacon though sometimes!

Also, while I am on this seven degrees, connections thing I want to thank the following for featuring my St. Patty's S'mores :

Tidy Mom
I heart Naptime

Thank you!


If you read my blog regularly then you *sigh* probably have a little insight in to how my *kitchen brain* works

(I am sorry! I will just apologize now)

But I am thankful that you read, follow, put up with my weird sense of humor and less then perfect pics and hopefully fix some of these great recipes!

So, this recipe came about from my Sweet Tart Muffins, a presidents' day inspired Cherry Muffin!

From that I had a lovely gal pal who hinted she is loving anything lemon and especially likes the flavors of lemon and cherry together. *hint*hint*hint*

So, reading up to this point you should know by now my brain is ticking away,

And so you have these lovely tart-like cookies, Lemon & Cherry Squares...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss
(adpated from poem by Michelle Oakes @ Fabulous in First )

It's March 2nd Dr. Seuss
It's such an important day
Today we celebrate you
Happy Birthday we Say!

You wrote Cat in the Hat
Green Eggs and Ham
Created Horton, the Lorax,
The Grinch and Sam I am.

You wrote great stories
and a many a great rhyme
and when we read your books
we have a great time!

Happy Birthday!

This Seuss inspired party was for my daughter's first Birthday but I thought today would be the perfect day to share it and pay homage to the great Dr. Seuss on his birthday!