Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Peppermint and White Chocolate Heart Lollipops

Sweets for your sweeties!

Aren't these just too cute?!!

Well, it is almost February, that time of year when cupid visits.

So, let's get ready with some great, simple, festive, red, white, and pink treats...

First, let's make some,

Peppermint and White Chocolate Heart Lollipops
from Family Fun


mini candy canes
paper lollipop sticks
white chocolate chips or chocolate bark
sprinkles (nonpareils, hearts, or sugar)


Heat oven to 235 degrees F.

Line baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange mini candy canes as hearts.

Bake for 10 min.
My heart melts for you! (sorry couldn't resist!)

Remove from oven and quickly pinch each heart onto a lollipop stick. 
 Melt chocolate chips or bark and spoon chocolate into the center of each heart.

Top the heart with sprinkles as desired!

Then get ready to share!!!

Another really simple, quick, festive Valentine treat is to use some of the white chocolate and sprinkles you have to cover some pretzels.

 A big hit at my house!

Want some other great simple, quick, Valentine's Treat ideas?!

Visit Munchkin Munchies!

She came up with some wonderful, simple ideas like...

Adding words and hearts to white chocolate covered oreos for a Valentine treat!
How easy is that! and festive!

Also, I absolutely love these little peanut butter cup owls she put together with a Valentine saying, "Whoooo Loves you?" 

Here are the ones that no longer reside at our house, shall we say they just happened to fly away...

"Whoooo loves you?"

So, Get to making your Valentine's Treats and share the love!!!

What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute things!

Also, if you have little ones or just want a quick, cute way to decorate, use leftover tissue paper to decorate paper hearts.

Just cut out  ~ 1 to 2" squares and crinkle and glue and decorate to your hearts desire!


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Until Next time,
Happy Baking,



  1. These are just SO pretty! I'm sure they would melt anyone's heart.

  2. Hmm those look yummy !! Definetley gonna to try them I love chocolate and peppermint !Saving some of the other recipes you posted to make when my kids come home and son inlaws .love ya lynn !

  3. Thanks Jill! Not as amazing as your macaroons!!!

  4. I could see these on a desert pretty!!!

  5. Wow you are so creative! This would be a nice project and a chance to spend some time with kids in the kitchen! Love your pink/red tissue heart, cute indeed!

  6. Very cute! And chocolate covered pretzels are delicious - love that salty/sweet combo. I wish I'd seen your tissue paper hearts earlier. Wasn't feeling creative so I got a store bought Valentine's card for my niece today. Oh well, I can make her one too!

  7. You are so creative, Lynn! These are too cute for words. Thanks so much for sharing! You have a beautiful blog, and I'm so glad to have found you.

  8. Stephanie: Hope you get to make your Valentine!! I reuse this idea for most holidays to be honest!

    Georgia: Thank you! Glad you enjoy the blog!!! Hope you make it back often!

  9. yes those are very very very cute! I love them. I love white chocolate best of all.

  10. Damaris: Thanks for visiting! Hope you get to make some with your little ones!!! You are so creative though I am sure you have some great Valentines in mind!

  11. These lolli are so stunning sweet and cute, best project for mum and daughter to work on!
    Thanks for sharing and early happy Valentine to you!

  12. Yin: Thank you!!! and Happy Early Valentine to you!

  13. Hahahah...these are too cute. Wonderful idea.

  14. Your candy cane heart pops turned out really great! Thanks for the link-love, Lynn:)

  15. Thanks so much for linking up to THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS!