Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sprinkles of Suggestions Saturday

These are just a few of my suggestions:


Ok, I have never posted on a Saturday before (but I have also never missed a weekday either until this week).

But then there was this recipe for Peanut Butter Cup Bars over at the Brown Eyed Baker. I must say most everything she posts I save for my to do list at some point. So then I started thinking, what if someone else has not had the pleasure of being introduced to this lovely site (hard to believe) or this lovely recipe.

My mind is already spinning with ideas of lining the pan with chocolate then adding the layers or actually taking the time to do this in mini muffin pan for inidividual cups! But this recipe is great just the way it is and really simple, so a double plus!!!

So, this is more about sharing than suggestions, because who am I to suggest you do anything, but share, suggest, whatever you want to call it, I am HIGHLY suggesting you make this recipe, like now, or at least sometime this weekend.

So, lets get to it...

Like I said, I highly suggest you make these Peanut Butter Cup Bars, featured by Brown Eyed Baker, which made the top 9 on Foodbuzz on Friday, here are mine:

You can stop licking the screen and go make your own (they would taste much better).

And these are my taste testers:

They highly approve of this suggestion!!

The hubby who has more will power than me when it comes to sweets and a very avid gym go-er, who rarely touches sweets (hard to believe we still live in the same house!) also highly approves of this suggestion/recipe/treat!

Visit the Brown Eyed Baker for the recipe and her way much better looking pic and check out her other recipes while you are there and you really should follow her if you don't already (as well as me too)!

Next suggestion,

Sprinkle some grated parmesean cheese on your grilled cheese sandwich next time you make one.

What, you say you don't make grilled cheese sandwhiches?

Well, being a mom of two little tikes grilled cheese is pretty high on the list, I mean I even order these when we go to a restaraunt. Which is where I got my inspiration for amping up a regular old grilled cheese with some grated parm on the outside. Owners of about a dozen gourmet (what I would consider gourmet) restaraunts were kind enough to keep a local diner up and going when the doors were about to shut.

(I love all kinds of food: upscale, down home cooking, and your traditional burger and fries, etc., etc., etc. There is pretty much nothing I won't eat!)

Enter: THE BURGER BAR! (famous for supposedly being the last place Hank Williams ate) and their Triple Grilled Cheese sandwich.

This is a real deal diner.

One where you go inside and everything is silver, there are literally a handful of tables and a long line of barstools, you watch your food being grilled in front of you and your shakes being made and it is so dang hot because you are sitting where your food is being made!! (no complaints from me!)

So, needless to say they make a darn good Triple Grilled Cheese sandwich upon which there is grated parm cheese sprinkled and toasted on the outside!! Thank you for this miracle on a grilled cheese sandwich!!! (I give them credit because this is the first place I ate one like that!)

Buttermilk Substitution Suggestion,

if you need a buttermilk substitution use this:

either 1 T. of vinegar or lemon juice in a 1 C. measuring cup then add milk to fill the rest of the cup for a buttermilk sub

now having said that, I can not swear to this in every recipe but definitely in most cases for cake (although red velvet just isn't the same without buttermilk, this sub will work, but it is an imposter in red velvet cake!)

Final Saturday Suggestion,

Go watch this amazing video of Cristina harmonizing with herself and playing the guitar performing The Beatles, "I've Just Seen a Face"!!!
So until next time,
Happy Sharing/Suggesting!
and get to Cooking!


  1. Hey Lynn, thanks for the shout out! Those peanut butter cup bars look dangerous!! Mmm. And your girls are adorable! Like always :)

  2. Cristina: No thanks needed for the shout out, that was an impressive video, can't wait for more! and those peanut butter cup bars are seriously dangerous, we have just about finished a pan and I have made several pans to share, super easy and super delish!

  3. Some great suggestions/tips.

    Those peanut butter cup bars wouldn't last in my home. Thanks for sharing how they turned out and the sweet seal of approval from your taste testers =)