Monday, January 17, 2011

Chicken Phyllo

Need an idea for a nice sit down dinner?

Need an idea for a family meal?

Need an idea for a prepare ahead meal?

Need an idea for a meal that will feed a lot of people?

Need an idea for a meal on the go/wrap?

You get the picture...

You are in luck!!! I have the answer to all those questions in this recipe! Truly, no joke!

 This is my new "go to" recipe.

Chicken Phyllo
recipe makes 2 rolls, ~ 6-8 servings 
adapted from Savannah Style 
 For Chicken filling:
Ingredients, minus the chicken

3-4 chicken breasts with rib meat, boiled or 3-4 C. of chopped chicken
1 stick of butter
1 ½ C. onion, chopped
1 C. chicken broth
1 T. dried parsley
½ tsp. nutmeg
½ tsp. salt
⅛ tsp. pepper
3 eggs beaten
1 pound of Phyllo dough
1 to ½ sticks of butter melted (for basting phyllo dough)

For Sauce:
4 T. butter
5 T. flour
2 ½ C. chicken broth
1 T. lemon juice

Boil chicken breasts until tender. Cool. Reserve all broth. Chop chicken and set aside.
In a medium saucepan, melt 1 stick of butter. Saute onions in saucepan until tender. Add chopped chicken and 1 C. of broth.

Cook until liquid is absorbed.

Cool, then add parsley, nutmeg, salt, and pepper.

Beat eggs until frothy and fold them into the chicken mixture and mix gently.

Butter 8-10 sheets of phyllo dough individually and stack on top of each other.

This was my first time dealing with phyllo dough and I loved it! Not so scary as I thought!

Spread 1 ½ to 2 C. of chicken mixture on top of phyllo sheets leaving about 2 inches around the sides.

Then roll like a jelly roll.

Repeat with stacking more phyllo dough and remaining chicken mixture.

When ready to bake, brush the top with butter. Bake at 350 degrees F fo 40 to 50 min. or until the roll is lightly brown and crispy.

For sauce to top baked roll:

Melt butter over low heat; add flour, stirring constantly.

Add chicken broth and cook until thickened, continuing to stir.

Remove from heat.

Add lemon juice.

Do not let sauce come to a boil.

Serve sauce over baked roll.

The sauce has a perfect balance of lemon for the chicken!
I was shocked by this recipe in many ways, but good ways. I can't say enough good things about this recipe.

This seriously is my new go to recipe because it is versatile, can be made in steps, provides plenty of leftovers, easy to freeze, can be dressed up/dressed down, and be used as a wrap for lunch, among many reasons!!

I am already thinking about adding cheese and different veggies to my chicken mixture. Spinach and tomatoes would be great with the chicken combo as well as many other veggies, the combinations are endless.

The original recipe called for 6-8 whole chicken breasts to make 3-4 rolls, noting each roll serves 4. So, again you can see how this recipe can be adapted to make small or large portions to fit your need.

You could very easily use rotisserie chicken and cut it up to cut down on time, or boil chicken day before, like I did. As well, as make the sauce ahead of time.

So, I hope you try this recipe, it is a very versatile recipe and yummy too!

You will find if a recipe is worth the time put in it then I will make it!

Until next time,
Happy Baking!


  1. Yum this looks great! I actually have some leftover phyllo dough in my freezer. I usually use it for desserts but I'll have to try this recipe sometime. Love that you can make it ahead.

  2. I highly recommended this recipe, if you couldn't already tell and it would be a great way to use up that extra phyllo! It is very light and crispy addition to the chicken! I love it!!! Hope you get to make it!