Monday, January 3, 2011

My 2011 Food To Do List~ Cooking from my vintage 1943 edition of The Joy of Cooking!

Happy New Year!

Well, with 2011 here I have been thinking, what are some food things that are on my to do list...
"Joy of Cooking in 1943", Bread Pudding, Nikon D3100 d-slr...

In random order here are a few:

Bread Pudding:

My all time favorite dessert and I have never attempted making. I have started a collection of recipes and it seems simple enough but then I start analyzing everything, like, I must have the right kind of bread or it won't turn out, I must be sure to have time to let things soak, yadda, yadda, yadda...(I hate kitchen failures and I have high expectations for bread pudding, so...thus, I have not attempted this one) This year I will! (I promise!) I have put it in writing so I must!

Homemade Pasta:

I have made this before, but only like once or twice. So, I vow to make more homemade pasta this year. I have the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid mixer and even a cute little ravioli press.


While I have made bread in the past, this is another area I want to branch out in and discover new kinds of breads. Speaking of, I need to get my sourdough starter going and I also need to post a series on my friendship bread. Mmmmm...

Homemade candy:

I will conquer old fashioned fudge.

(Wow, where did that confidence come from! Well, it is almost the new year, you know how you get at the new year! "I will go to the gym", well, my confidence induced, new year goal isn't for the gym, mine is for the kitchen!)

Santa (aka my in-laws) were kind enough to give me a candy thermometer this year (Kind of embarrassing since my mother-in-law makes some of the best old fashioned peanut butter chocolate fudge and does not own a candy thermometer (bless her heart, when she got my candy thermometer she thought it was for telling the outside weather temperature!! but she does make the best homemade candy, and without a candy or weather thermometer, a miracle really!))

and I really want to make some old fashioned peanut butter candy, like homemade butterfinger!!! I have been eyeing this recipe!!

If you haven't been following my blog, then you should know I own a 1943 edition of The Joy of Cooking!!! (and shame on you for not following my blog, Thanks to the 9 of you who are!!!) This edition is approximately ten years after her first edition. (I think it is a sign I should get my 10th follower from this post!)

I treasure it. It has been in my family since 1943, the year my parents were born.

If I can get it together maybe I will have at least one post a month dedicated to being My "Joy of Cooking from 1943" post, no promises just a little something to keep in mind. What do you think? I also need to get the 75th anniversary edition to add to my collection!
Nikon D3100:

Learn how to use the darn thing!!! (maximize its use) Yes, I am kind of embarrassed to actually admit, I am the new owner of a shiny, new Nikon DSLR 3100 and really have no idea on how to use it besides watch for the green magical box to appear on auto!

And do my best to not use paper plates for my food pics anymore!!!  (Darn my secret is out at how good those paper plates are!)

So, there you have it, just a few of my food goals for 2011, I am sure there will be more to come!

Happy Baking in the New Year,
Lynn aka Loco Cocoa


  1. Thanks Sis (Missy E) for becoming my 10th follower!!!

  2. I love your resolutions! Just remember if you need any taste testers, I am always happy to help. I am still having dreams of your peanut butter pinwheels! Also, I am SUPER jealous of your new camera! One of my friends got one for Christmas and is in the same boat as you about being a bit confused where to start. She actually signed up for a class at a local camera shop! Maybe they have something like that in your area?

  3. Great resolutions! You should totally post a Joy of Cooking 1943 recipe once a month. It's so cool that you have that old school cookbook. Are there any really strange recipes in it?

    Good luck learning your DSLR. I got mine last Christmas and I still have a ton to learn. They're so fun to use!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Will Run for Health: You would be a great taste tester and welcome anytime. Just like I tell my hubby don't say it is good if you don't like it because you will get it again! ha ha! See, I am telling you, you need to go for the camera girl!!! I may have to do a class! I still have to watch this dvd I have on it!

  5. Stephanie: Thanks and Happy New year to you too! I am very motivated to do a Joy of Cooking 1943 recipe at least once a month. I love a cookbook and being old school I love to just look at this cookbook. There are some different recipes, and of course a very interesting section on cooking "game" which is not as common anymore.

    So please stay tuned for 1943 Joy of Cooking!

    And Thanks for the motivation of the DSLR! I am still getting used to it, but loving it!